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Since 1992, Yunari has been providing tailored taxation, accounting and financial management services to businesses and high net worth individuals who are looking for something more than your everyday accountancy practice.

About Yunari

Our clients are usually experts in their fields who look to Yunari to bring the financial experience into their team that lets them focus on core business, secure in the knowledge that there is a professional eye on their financial management, planning and taxation obligations.

Our personalised approach involves a detailed and thorough analysis of your individual situation before crafting a range of options that deliver optimal solutions for your current position whilst planning for future threats and opportunities.

We like our clients to see us as a co-pilot and navigator providing the specialist expertise to guide and assist them – when they need it, not just at tax-time or when problems arise.

Yunari will never charge you for phone calls, emails or meetings. So if you’re looking for a professional partner, who encourages you to make contact at every stage of financial decision-making without billing you at each point of contact, then please contact us today for an obligation-free discussion about your needs.

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

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Need help with your business?

Let us help you.